Greetings! Welcome to my mission to advance education and actions to promote clean water (wetlands & streams), foster climate change (carbon) understanding and envision sustainable cities (urban) and towns (rural). Join me as I connect with youth in K-12 in 
STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) education around the Planet! How do we do this? In a Swampy acronym: 
S... oils (brown),
W...aters (blue),
A...nimals (red life-blood), 
M...ankind (silver), 
P...lants (green) and
Y...ou! (yellow - as you are the sunshine!).
Help me save our Planet’s environment! Did you know that more than 90% of wetlands have been lost in many states of the US? Once, reviled as unfit for use, our wetlands were ditched and diked, paved over and filled-in. And we paid for it! The country’s waters became increasingly unhealthy resulting in the Clean Water Act in the 1970’s!file://localhost/Users/garyhahn/Pictures/GHahn/iPhoto%20Library/Masters/2010/Oct%2027,%202010/Soils_planetSWAMPY2.jpg

Welcome to my Planet as seen through my ecosystem!

Wetlands are the Planet’s ‘natural kidneys’. They process pollution from the waters! Show your support by visiting my SWAMPYshop and showing your organization’s actions for         clean water, carbon control & a sustainable Planet ... Contact me and I will personalize your order with PhotoShop software by sending me an email to iam@swampy.orgmailto:connect@swampy.org?subject=CafePress.commailto:connect@swampy.org?subject=Cafepress_SWAMPYshopshapeimage_5_link_0

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And so, like the loss of the beaver, the great natural engineer of the forests, we lost the natural functions of the wetlands. If we could draw straight lines and fill-in areas to make the lands more level, we would be better off - not so! We soon learn that if we first see what we already have in Mother Nature, we will be better off in the long run - and this lesson we still continue to learn, as we attempt to:

  1. 1)Save what remains!

  2. 2)Restore to what previously existed!

Invite Kent to your school or organization to tie-in the environment, energy, and history to the real occurring current events and how we can team up to spur support for your service and product!