Greetings! Welcome to my planet to share with you the wonders of our wetlands and streams, learn about Climate Care (carbon footprint) and live in a healthy sustainable Planet! Join me in K-12 STEAM (Science-Technology-Art-Engineering-Math) education! How do we do this? In a Swampy acronym: 
S... oils (brown),
W...aters (blue),
A...nimals (red life-blood), 
M...ankind (silver), 
P...lants (green) and
Y...ou! (yellow - as you are the sunshine!).

Help me save our Planet’s environment! Did you know that more than 90% of wetlands have been lost in many states of the US? Once, reviled as unfit for use, our wetlands were ditched and diked, paved over and filled-in. And we paid for it! The country’s waters became increasingly unhealthy resulting in the Clean Water Act in the 1970’s!

And so, like the loss of the beaver, the great natural engineer of the forests, we lost the natural functions of the wetlands. If we could draw straight lines and fill-in areas to make the lands more level, we would be better off - not so! We soon learn that if we first see what we already have in nature, we will be better off in the long run - and this lesson we still continue to learn, as we attempt to:

  1. 1)Save our remaining wetlands 2) Restore to healthier wetlands that

help filter out pollution and provide our friends with clean water for health,

homes for freshwater plants and animals, in recreation for nice places to

fish, hike and camp, that protect us from severe storms, as well as our

‘saltier‘ water ocean and river water animal and plant friends!     

Kids! Connect with Swampy in this fun event to share your love of our planet on Earth Day.

To enter, do the following:

  1. Bullet Download the blank pdf file save everglades.pdf

  2. Bullet Research, take pictures, read articles of your favorite plants and animals!  Start out here! IMPORTANT: Make sure you are always safe with your parents if you actually visit The Everglades!

  3. Bullet Draw your picture

  4. Bullet Scan your drawing and save as a small size .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, .PNG, .PDF file to

  5. Bullet I will post the monthly winner on the last Sunday of the month

  6. Bullet Check back at to see if you won!

  7. Bullet Tell your friends and share your Everglades favorite!

  8. Bullet The contest begins on January 1, 2015 - so get ready!

Remember, download your file save everglades.pdf, draw a pic, scan and email me back! PS.... I’ll get with my sidekick alias    ‘Kent Glade’ and we’ll share the new things we all are learning!

To warm up, try this quick quiz on our Everglades! Do you know the answers to the following?

  1. 1. The Everglades originally covered about _______ acres or _________ square miles.

  2. 2. We have lost ____ % of The Everglades.

  3. 3. The Everglades historically started at the south shore of Lake ______________ to the mangroves of ___________ Bay.

  4. 4. There is a large alien invader snake with a big appetite called the _________ ______________ and she eats other native animals of Florida!

  5. 5.  One of the main reasons we need healthy Everglades is for ________ ________, an important resource that we use to drink and swim.


  1. 1)2,560,000 acres or 4,000 square miles, 2) 50% or 2,000,000 acres, 3) Okeechobee, Florida, 4) Burmese Python

5) clean water      

Happy Earth Day from... Swampy!

Wetlands are the Planet’s ‘natural kidneys’. They process pollution from the waters! Teachers, show your student’s school support by visiting my SWAMPYshop and showing your school’s actions for clean water, carbon control & a sustainable Planet!  Contact me and I will personalize your order with PhotoShop software by sending me an email to© 2016 Privacy Policy

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Did you know? There are only so many days til Earth Day?