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My name is Gary Hahn. I created Swampy October 21, 1993. A brief history about myself...  When I was 1 year old, my father Carl passed away. When I was 12 years old, my mother Eleanor passed away. I grew up in an orphanage called the Masonic Homes of Kentucky on Shelbyville Road in St. Matthews of Louisville, KY.

I will never forget the impact of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on my nation and my family. My mother was a great fan of JFK. For 6 years, I lived through the 60s and 70s and graduated from Waggener High School in May 1977.

I loved”
 the outdoors and wanted to be a forester,
 attending Murray State University for  2 years
 graduating from UK with a Bachelor’s Science in Forestry,
 graduating from Kentucky State with an MPA.
I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior when I was 12 years old.

During the 1970’s, I was greatly influenced by:

  1. Theodore Roosevelt,

  2. John Denver,

  3. Jimmy Carter for their concerns for the Planet, it’s preservation and wise-use.

I later:

  1. married a wonderful girl who shared my same interests and love for God & outdoors

  2. had 2 great children

  3. evolved from small tent camping and backpacking to large tent and pop-up RV travels with friends from Virginia to Alaska with trips to Hawaii and the Caribbean.

I spent many years:

  1. regulating the coal industry for the Commonwealth of Kentucky...

  2. being involved with  sensitive wetlands and streams such as those in Pond River in Western Kentucky,

  3. received recognition from the OSMRE for my work with Peabody’s created wetlands near Central City

  4. and being part of Kentucky Outlook 2000, a joint EPA and KYDNREPC comparative risk assessment initiative.

I don’t know why some are be bestowed with the creative right-brained (creative) traits and others the left-brained (logical) mentality... but I got the right-brained creative-type...

This has been both a blessing and a curse__Bottomline...

I moved from forestry(woods) to wetlands (weeds) in 1991.

I sent letters out to the US Fish and Wildlife asking what are wetlands? I’ll never were in one of my responses from  Southern Illinois University with a response something to the effect of, “ Are you crazy or what? What specifically are you interested in the broad topic of wetlands?” 

During my fascination with wetlands, one Halloween, I decided to dress up as ...’Swampy, The Degraded Wetland’ at work. I purchased plastic. I then painted a section of blue color for waters and wetlands, then surrounded the blue with a brown color for soils, and then painted the rest green showing the vegetation(all 3 components of which are important in actual wetland delineations under the 1987 US Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual.

I then  added rollerblades so I could ‘flow forward’ and also attached underneath my costume, a music boom box that projected swamp tunes. Over this covering, I added an outer layer that was ‘degraded’ with some dirty diapers, a discarded oil can and fertilizer bag, an old license plate, as well as frog, snakes and turtle animals.  

I tried for the longest time to seek God’s guidance and connect with others with a similar interest. I tried to keep my art alive while making a living. It was very challenging. I then worked in local government as an urban planner for 2 years. Continually, I sought environmental employment in Kentucky but was not successful and left several times for employment out of state to Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay and disaster assistance in South Florida with FEMA in the Hurricane Wilma event.

Like John Denver, perhaps my rambling creative ways lead to a toll on my relationship, and like John’s Annie, I lost my first love. And after another FEMA assistance project in Indiana, i returned to Louisville, my hometown to with full force, put my energies into doing Swampy full-time. I had a major searching over 3 years of why I was unable to connect with others in my passion. I considered what was working and what wasn’t working. Spiritually, i wasnt connecting as I felt called. I sought a more truly spiritual path towards love verses fear-based belief i committed my full resources and wasn’t making it. Was this my Ego? Was this the Devil? Was I being tested? How long could I believe in love that I was raised and in the back of my mind knowing... Man, this just love and no money isnt cutting it - God! People loved Swampy just didn’t want to pay for Him and I didn’t find a way to do it - business or non-profit!

I enjoyed presenting as Gary Hahn, as a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) for the Society of Wetland Scientists for the SWS certification program, web page and as Swampy at the Key Bridge Marriott in Washington DC. I’ve enjoyed delivering presentations at environmental. energy and specific wetland-related conferences! Here, the kids at a Society of Wetland Scientists national conference made a huge Swampy collage poster held at Lake Placid NY.

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